Electric Folding Water Boiling Kettle

Electric Folding Water Boiling Kettle

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 Introducing the Nettle Kettle™️- The Kettle that gets your hot beverages going in no time.

 Uniquely created with a folding feature that lets you fold up and start using. Giving you more convenient and easy access to make all your hot drinks when you're at home and on the go.

Made with 304 stainless steel with a non-slip base at the bottom with a sturdy lid cover to top it off. Giving you better a more reliable kettle with support, more efficiency and better results without even spilling a drop!!.

 Built with a 240v voltage that brings your water to a boil in five minutes or less. To help you make that quick cup of coffee/tea or even mix your favorite soup on the go/work or hotel. 

Soon you will find out what all of our repeat customers have experienced about the Nettle Kettle™️ for the convenience at home and away.


Folding - Making it super convenient to take with you in case you want to make some tea, coffee or boil some water when you're out. Folds up and folds down in just seconds and doesn't take up space when you're packing it.

Light & Durable- Made light as a feather yet super durable with our 304 stainless steel cover that's built to last and doesn't rust, crack or break. Making it reliable to use over and over again for many years to come.

Safe & Secure- Non-slip base with a comfortable ergonomic handle for maximum stability and protection. Built with a high-quality airflow cover lid with a sensory switch for optimal ventilation without losing a drop of water.

Fast Boiling- Much faster than your average kettle. Heats up anything in just about five minutes or less guaranteed. Saving your time waiting for your favorite drink to come to a boil.

Our Guarantee- If for any reason you feel that this product isn't for you, feel free to send us an e-mail at our store address and we'll promptly refund your money. No questions asked.