HeatJack - Warm Heated Vest
HeatJack - Warm Heated Vest
HeatJack - Warm Heated Vest
HeatJack - Warm Heated Vest
HeatJack - Warm Heated Vest

HeatJack - Warm Heated Vest

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Stay Cozy & Beat The Cold This Winter!

Does it feel like you’re always cold? 3, 4, 5 layers at a time looking like the kid from A Christmas Story? Not this year amigo! Grab a insta-heat HeatJack heated vest and beat the cold into submission!

Perfect for Spring, Fall, and Winter seasons with its adjustable heat intensity. Never be too toasty or too cold.. with insta-heat HeatJack you can customize the heat setting so you’ll always be as snug as a bugHeat will allow you to face the harsh bone cutting cold in style and warmth. Its lightweight, durable, water resistant, and wind resistant.. Winter is Coming so gear up while these vests last!

This instant warmth producing vest will make a perfect gift for that person who is always cold in your life.. make their life a warmer & cozier place.. they’ll be so glad you did, and so will you!

So if you’re looking to ride out the winter in warmth and style, or you’re just looking for a perfect holiday gift idea, grab this heated vest and make sure your holiday season is merry and bright!


Three level heating levels - low, medium and high

Water proof

Light Material

Designed to protect and heat the neck



You can control the amount and level of heating you require for your comfort

No need for too many layers

Embrace the winter season with comfort

A perfect gift idea for this giving season.

Light to wear